Dentalgreen is close to your needs. Provides dental equipment and material for dental professionals, ensuring punctuality, transparency and comprehensive support.


and professionalism since 1987

Dentalgreen was born with the desire to offer the best products in the dental sector in terms of convenience and quality . It ensures innovative and latest generation items, which allow Dentalgreen to be competitive and at the same time sostinibile.

The company’s mission is to allow the user the best shopping experience, providing support and professionalism to 360°.
Reliability and competence are strengths of Dentalgreen, thanks to which it has built a sales network of more than 12,000 dentists and professionals in the sector. The wide range of products on offer and the numerous positive feedback have made Dentalgreen a solid, responsible and three-dimensional company over the years.

Advanced logistics

At the basis of Dentalgreen there is an organized and well-stocked logistics system that allows you to fulfill orders quickly and on time.

Since 2004, the company has been a partner of the Onda consortium, a dental storage facility that manages more than 2,000 square meters of storage and more than 40,000 items ready for delivery. Onda uses advanced and innovative infrastructures and shipping systems, with a completely autonomous and sustainable energy system consisting of photovoltaic panels. Thanks to this partnership Dentalgreen is always able to meet the needs of each customer and to ensure prompt delivery of all products.

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