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Disponibile il nuovo catalogo Dentalgreen con una selezione di materiale dentale in offerta. Valido fino al 30 Giugno 2024.

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I no longer remember my password, what should I do to recover it?

With the launch of the new site, you will no longer have the access data for your personal area stored. So, if you don't remember or have lost your password, you can take the steps to set a new one. Click here and follow the steps to choose your new password.

How can I get support to receive information and to order?

We are happy to help you, you can call us at the fixed number 0721 405153 or write us an email to info@dentalgreen.it indicating your request, or if you prefer you can use the whatsapp service at number 342 79 82 951

What payment methods can I use for my orders?

You can use the following payment methods:

  • Bank transfer in advance
  • Prepaid or credit card
  • Paypal (payment in 3 installments where required)
  • Cash on delivery (not available outside Italy)

Do I have to be a doctor to buy?

Several items are reserved for the dental class enrolled in the register, others can be purchased normally, if you have doubts call us or send an email.

How can I be sure that the products are valid and guaranteed?

Dentalgreen bases its identity on quality. We can boast of being a healthy Italian company able to provide assistance One to One and maximum transparency on the whole process of selling products. All products come from official sales network, are managed and stored with the best standards of control and logistics.

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